EP1 – Virginie Tassin Campanella

EP1 - Virginie Tassin Campanella

Our first guest will be no stranger to anyone who is clued up on the blue economy legal ecosystem (and she also attending our OCEANOVATION Meetup in Barcelona last year 🙂),  introducing Virginie Tassin Campanella!

Virginie is the Founder and Managing Director of VTA Tassin a Public International Law Firm, dedicated to the Ocean & Seas.

Virginie has a unique approach to legal matters and is passionate about helping companies define their sustainable development goals by thinking outside the box. Working with government, corporates and startups, she has developed an understanding of how the blue economy impacts the world of business models, processes, and all other aspects involved in delivering business value.

Tune into Episode #1 of the Dive in Series as Elodie Delagneau and Virginie Tassin Campanella discuss:

Virginie’s innovative approach to law and the role it plays in your business

What the term ‘Blue Economy’ actually means across sectors and industries

How corporates and startups could positively impact our ocean with a clear trajectory

Why is “Greenwashing” often misunderstood and misused and what are the legal implications behind the buzzword

The importance of defining your company’s sustainable development goals

We invite you to tune into the Dive In by OCEANOVATION and ride the wave of ocean innovation with us. Learn more at https://oceanovation.world/

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