EP 3 – Alissa Peterson

EP 3 - Alissa Peterson

As a member of the OCEANOVATION network, you’ll know that our mission is to support Ocean innovators. Imagine our excitement when we got the chance to connect with SeaAhead, a benefit corporation on a mission of supporting new ventures focussed on ocean innovation and sustainability, led by Alissa Peterson.

When you picture Brooklyn, New York, where Alissa was born and raised, the Ocean is not the first thing that would come to your mind. However, Alissa’s childhood was spent by the sea, which was only a 20 minutes walk from home and that exposure to the Ocean developed her passion and purpose in the blue space.

Alissa is a powerhouse in the Ocean, Bluetech and angel investing space, who is passionate about using her background to help catalyse opportunities for scalable new technologies and ventures to improve ocean sustainability.

Tune into Episode #3 of the Dive in Series as Elodie Delagneau, and Alissa Peterson discuss:

  • How Alissa’s experience working for startups has informed how Sea Ahead supports their growth and venture
  • Insight into how Alissa bridges the gap between founders and investors
  • Alissa’s recommendations for startups who are preparing their investor pitch

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