Are you ready to dive into the world of ocean innovation? Because we are!

Introducing Dive In by OCEANOVATION! Every week our host, Elodie Delagneau will be talking with innovators, scientists, investors, founders and ocean lovers about how they’re using technology and science to protect our planet’s most precious resource for future generations.

Renita Kalhorn, Deep Tech Leadership Coach,

In today’s episode of OCEANOVATION Dive In podcast, we have the pleasure of hosting Renita Kalhorn – Executive and Deep Tech Leadership Coach and speaker at our OCEANOVATION Festival. Want to avoid common mistakes when building your startup team and avoid investor rejection?

Chris Gorell Barnes, Founding Partner,
Ocean 14 Capital

In this 6th episode, Elodie speaks to Chris Gorell Barnes, Founding Partner at Ocean 14 Capital and Co-Founder of Blue Marie Foundation. Chris’s mission? Saving us from environmental doomsday by unlocking the regenerative blue economy through transformative investment tools.

Nwabisa Mayema, Strategic Partnerships Director,
Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa

Officially kicking off Season 2 with Elodie bringing yet another inspiring woman into the conversation, Nwabisa Mayema, the Strategic Partnerships Director at Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa.

Melanie Nadeau, CEO,

To round off our successful first season of OCEANOVATION’s Dive In Podcast, we have invited Melanie Nadeau, the CEO of Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) to share her personal journey with the Ocean, and how it shaped her professional career and role at COVE. 

We truly enjoy a good story and an inspiring woman, and this one will be no exception.

Alissa Peterson, Co-Founder,

Alissa is a powerhouse in the Ocean Bluetech and angel investing space, and is passionate about using her background to help catalyze opportunities for scalable new technologies and ventures to improve ocean sustainability. Tune in to our conversation with Alisssa as we dive into SeaAhead purpose, a benefit corporation on a mission of supporting new ventures focussed on ocean innovation and sustainability.

Mathilda D’Silva, CEO & Founder,
Ocean Purpose Purpose Project

Follow Mathilda D’Silva’s journey to find a cure for her illnesses and how it led to her searching for a solution to cure the ocean itself. The Ocean Purpose Project aims to find purpose in the main issues affecting the health of the Ocean and coastal communities, by solving the ocean plastic crisis through plastic to fuel, bioplastics and influencing behaviour change amongst the communities and key players.

Virginie Tassin Campanella, Founder and Managing Director, VTA Tassin

Our guest will be no stranger to anyone who is clued up on the blue economy legal ecosystem. Virginie, Founder and Managing Director of VTA Tassin a Public International Law Firm, dedicated to the Ocean & Seas, has a unique approach to legal matters and is passionate about helping companies define their sustainable development goals by thinking outside the box.