Oceanovation, 20 October 2022, Barcelona, Spain

Meetup Series x Barcelona Program

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    Barcelona aim is to become the leading city in the European Mediterranean.

    Barcelona is committed to boosting the Blue Economy in the city so that it becomes a vector of job creation, economic and social development of the city and the backbone of its coast, fostering activities focused on innovation, sustainability and technology.

    The new BCN Green Deal agenda, aligned with the 2030 Agenda, is setting out priorities and measures to strengthen the city through three key elements: competitiveness, sustainability and equity.

    Meet the key players involved in Barcelona transition to become an influential blue economy player.

    Presented by:

    • Port of Barcelona, Spain
    • Seastainable Ventures, Spain
    • Barcelona Activa, Spain
    • Barcelona Cluster Nautic, Spain


    Stories have the potential to change the world. 

    But how you tell it, to whom and what it enables isn't always straightforward as it should be. It's easy to fall into the trap of talking only about yourself, rather than how you provide value in a world full of challenges.

    And when you work in a complex environment, where detail and data matter to your mission, balancing nuance with simplicity becomes even more crucial. Where do you start, and how can you create informed, enthused audiences?
    Creative entrepreneur and communications specialist Alex Searle will kick off proceedings at this year's OCEANOVATION Meetup Series on how to get your story right. 

    Having worked in sectors such as blockchain, renewable energy and software, Alex's 7 steps to getting your story right will cover everything from positioning to execution - unmissable if you're still making your mark in the ocean space and seek to perfect how you communicate your value.

    Shall we get started?

    How do you know if you are the ocean innovator of the future?
    When investors look at investing in ocean conservation there are crucial steps and requirements to ensuring that you make a meaningful impact.

    • Did you find the right formula from branding to financing: crowdfunding, VC, Seed Fundraising?
    • Why are ocean-related opportunities becoming more mainstream but investor engagement remaining low?
    • We’re not looking for the next unicorn. We’re looking for successful, profitable business
    Networking break


    Biofouling is the undesirable build-up of microorganisms, algae, small plants and animals on wetted surfaces. It has been identified as one of the key pathways for the transfer of invasive aquatic species - one of the greatest threats to marine biodiversity. 

    Addressing this issue is ultimately about safeguarding ecosystem services that sustain the livelihoods of coastal communities across the globe.

    The World Ocean Council and The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL) organized the first global Biofouling Innovation Challenge, which focused on innovative solutions and technologies that may improve the prevention, management, and monitoring of marine biofouling. 

    Selected start-ups, innovators & collaborative initiatives with sustainable solutions for the biofouling problem have joined the competition and will be pitching their solutions to you with representatives from the investment community.

    Pitch Fest finalists:



    Presented by: Ed Fletcher, Managing Director, Shape History, UK

    Lunch & networking

    What if you could take your business from an innovative idea to a powerful and sustainable reality that can create a positive impact?
    In the last 10 years, accelerators and incubators have propelled start-ups through immersive learning programs and support to accelerate the life cycle of young innovative companies.

    • Why partner with accelerators and what’s in it for you?
    • Compress years’ worth of learning by doing in just a few months.  
    • Are you actually ready for incubation or acceleration?
    • How to choose the right partner for you who believe in your vision
    • What were the biggest mistakes/ setbacks in the first couple of years and how did you deal with them?
    • What is the main challenge you are currently facing hampering your start/growth?
    • If you could start over, what would you do differently?


    Far away is the time when start-ups were pictured as competition for corporates and now it seems that both parties are understanding the value of potential synergies.
    But the reality is that partnerships with corporations often fail. Let’s explore why.

    • Things to know when partnering with a corporate company: do you have the right culture fit? Are your expectations aligned? What are the objectives for both entities and what are you wanting to get out of it?
    • The elephant in the room: how to avoid greenwashing when joining an organisation
    • What do you bring on the table:  can you influence corporate to prepare for the future and anticipate the needs of tomorrow?
    • Learn how a regional value chain is built to foster innovation: what is the right approach to support start-ups?
    • Ever consider (re-)locating your business to a start-up capital?
    • Why ocean/ blue economy clusters matter for start-ups

    Your time, your space to react and reflect on your experience.
    More than just a content platform, we create a hub for you to shape and define what you will take out of this gathering.
    Share your learnings, take homes, highlights, and challenges if they still remain and what you will be using going forward to ensure that the next time we meet, we can share another success story.