EP 7 - Renita Kalhorn

EP 7 - Renita Kalhorn

In today’s episode of OCEANOVATION Dive In podcast, we have the pleasure of hosting Renita Kalhorn – Executive and Deep Tech Leadership Coach and speaker at our OCEANOVATION Festival.

Want to avoid common mistakes when building your startup team and avoid investor rejection? Then you’ll want to listen to Renita’s insights, including:

⚖ Committed vs. attached: how do dedicate the right time and effort to your venture but not burn your wings?

🚨 What is the common mistake that most of the business leaders or founders do when building their team?

💪 Importance of EQ vs. business plan: why deep tech founders need to focus on the “soft skills” of their business before the numbers?

🌊 Why you should adopt a “micro shift” approach when the wave seems too big to ride.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the conversation. Available now wherever good podcasts are found!

Renita Kalhorn, Deep Tech Leadership Coach, Forbes Contributor

Avoid common mistakes when building your startup team and avoid investor rejection by adopting a “micro shift” approach.

Chris Gorell Barnes, Founding Partner,
Ocean 14 Capital

Chris’s mission? Saving us from environmental doomsday by unlocking the regenerative blue economy through transformative investment tools.

Nwabisa Mayema, Strategic Partnerships Director, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

Bringing yet another inspiring woman into the conversation. Listen to Nwabisa’s approach to businesses making an impact in the ocean space.