EP2 - Mathilda D'Silva

EP2 - Mathilda D'Silva

Imagine a world where our oceans are polluted to the extent that a sunset swim could potentially lead to you contracting one (or more) life-threatening diseases.

In 2015, Mathilda D’Silva, Founder of Ocean Purpose Project, took part in a dragon boat racing competition in Boracay, Philippines, that would change the course of her life.

Three weeks after the event, Mathilda began suffering from multiple autoimmune diseases caused by untreated wastewater from the sewage pipes of nearby hotels and restaurants.

Her journey to find a cure for her illnesses led to her searching for a solution to cure the ocean itself. Ocean Purpose Project was born.

The Ocean Purpose Project aims to find purpose in the main issues affecting the health of the Ocean and coastal communities by solving the ocean plastic crisis through plastic to fuel, bioplastics and influencing behaviour change amongst the communities and key players.

Tune into Episode #2 of the Dive in Series as Elodie Delagneau and Mathilda D’Silva discuss:

  • Her background in the TV industry and how it influences the trajectory and positioning of the Ocean Purpose Project.
  • How not having marine biologist expertise can still create an impact under and above water.
  • How she contributes to bridging the gaps between local communities, scientists, innovators and corporates in the region.
  • How turning plastic into fuel could be an answer to the plastic pollution crisis. And how it could be scaled.

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