EP 5 - Nwabisa Mayema

EP 5 - Nwabisa Mayema
Officially kicking off Season 2 with Elodie bringing yet another inspiring woman into the conversation, Nwabisa Mayema, the Strategic Partnerships Director at Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa. Nwabisa, who describes herself as an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, is a powerhouse in the South African innovation ecosystem. Nwabisa’s entrepreneurial journey started in 2006 and her passion always lied in connecting people, resources and opportunities for the greater good. She plays a critical role at the Branson Centre following the spirit and mindset brought by @Richard Branson and continues to inspire key businesses with her uplifting approach that guided her through the years. Elodie truly enjoyed the passionate conversation with Nwabisa and here is a sneak peek of some “subjects” they tackled in this episode:
🌊Listen to Nwabisa’s approach to business looking at making an impact in the ocean space.
🌊 Learn how to be a successful entrepreneur (especially when you work for/with one of the most inspiring living entrepreneurs of our time!)
🌊 Revisit the meaning of the buzzword “impact” and how it applies to your business
🌊 Look into how Branson Centre supports innovators to position themselves in a promising ecosystem and get their project on an investor table.
🌊 We can’t say it enough. You don’t need to be a unicorn. You can be a zebra and change the world too.

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Renita Kalhorn, Deep Tech Leadership Coach, Forbes Contributor

Avoid common mistakes when building your startup team and avoid investor rejection by adopting a “micro shift” approach.

Chris Gorell Barnes, Founding Partner,
Ocean 14 Capital

Chris’s mission? Saving us from environmental doomsday by unlocking the regenerative blue economy through transformative investment tools.

Nwabisa Mayema, Strategic Partnerships Director, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

Bringing yet another inspiring woman into the conversation. Listen to Nwabisa’s approach to businesses making an impact in the ocean space.