New Partner Alert: Iceland Ocean Cluster

OCEANOVATION Festival Partners with Iceland Ocean Cluster for 2023 Edition

As part of our efforts to provide a platform for collaboration, we’re incredibly excited to announce our partnership with the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC), a cluster network for companies across Iceland’s ocean value chain.

This is a truly fitting partnership as OCEANOVATION and IOC share so many values when it comes to fostering collaboration and creating networking opportunities that lead to sustainable innovation.

While crafting a global ecosystem is a key theme at the OCEANOVATION Festival, we also know how vital regional and national initiatives are for grassroots movements. Such initiatives ensure local solutions can be implemented to create maximum impact for communities and businesses that rely on ocean ecosystems and resources in their area.

In this way, IOC is a pioneer, taking a cluster approach to create value for business and knowledge leaders in local marine industries. Since 2012, the group has been committed to strengthening the relationship between entrepreneurs and business leaders. Since those early days, IOC’s network has grown from 12 companies to over 70 of varying sizes and types representing different sectors and services in Iceland’s ocean industry, from fisheries and cosmetics to seafood biotech, research, and consulting.

Like us, IOC believes in the power of community and cross-collaboration. Operating out of its dedicated hub, known as the Ocean Cluster (OC) House, IOC businesses and entrepreneurs have been carefully chosen to represent a breadth of skills and knowledge, but with a common thread: the ocean. Meanwhile, companies outside of the OC House form an extended network that means the group can expand its reach to a greater number of start-ups.

Through this network, members have access to varying resources, including product designers, social media specialists, and marine biologists. More importantly, members are able to build relationships with other business leaders and innovators. This approach is highly beneficial for sharing knowledge, exchanging new ideas, testing solutions, and forging partnerships.

This commitment to match-making is a passion we share at OCEANOVATION, where we provide unique opportunities for ocean innovators, investors, and enthusiasts to connect with, learn from, and be inspired by each other, regardless of their sector or experience. 

As part of this commitment, we’re thrilled to welcome over 80 speakers from around the world who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, ideas, and experiences with fellow blue sector professionals. Representing various sectors, from ocean technology and renewable energy to tourism and finance, these pioneers will take a deep dive into a wealth of topics that offer insight into historical trends and future growth opportunities.
Want to learn from the best in blue business? Are you ready to scale up your start-up? Eager to meet like-minded professionals willing to invest in sustainable solutions? Grab your OCEANOVATION ticket today and join over 350 global ocean innovation experts and enthusiasts as we work toward one goal: protecting our oceans for future generations. See you in The Hague!

New Partner Alert: Sustainable Ocean Alliance

We are thrilled to announce that the OCEANOVATION Festival has partnered with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA), a network of next-generation leaders, mentors, advocates, and partners working towards one common goal: creating lasting solutions for the ocean’s biggest challenges.

We know this is a brilliant match for each other’s vision, as the OCEANOVATION team believes that, when it comes to generating ideas that will protect our oceans, we must forge alliances that allow us to work towards a common goal. SOA is known for doing just that, developing leaders, cultivating ideas, and accelerating solutions for positive change through its vast network of industry experts and enthusiasts. 

Innovative solutions and meaningful support for entrepreneurs are crucial themes at OCEANOVATION Festival. We know how vital it is to empower the younger generation, learn from forward-thinking innovators, and share knowledge with each other as we all work to turn our mutual vision for a healthy ocean into a reality.

In this way, SOA is also a leader, implementing developing solutions and empowering youth to embark on a movement to restore the health of the ocean. They conduct various programs, including the Ocean Leadership Program, which provides funding, mentorship, and capacity-building resources for international leaders taking action to improve ocean health. Meanwhile, the Ocean Solutions Accelerator program, launched in 2023, offers a unique ecosystem to propel 45 world-leading ocean tech start-ups, providing long-term support, lifetime funding, and access to critical resources. In addition, SOA’s grants initiative supports youth-led grassroots projects across the globe. By offering financial aid and mentorships to project leaders, SOA takes a collaborative approach in empowering solutionists to address key ocean challenges. 

This collaborative approach is one that we at OCEANOVATION also believe in. SOA’s expansive networks comprises over 6,000 Ocean Leaders in 165 countries, 45 ocean start-ups, 220 grants, and 250 mentors. Our festival in the Hague will likewise welcome hundreds of ocean leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts from around the world. But ultimately, we are all working towards 1 thing: the protection of our ocean.

The inaugural OCEANOVATION Festival offers those in the industry an unparalleled opportunity to connect with fellow start-ups, seek investment opportunities, discover valuable resources, and gain unique insight into the future of the blue economy landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired. Secure your tickets today.

WEEKLY NEWS – 2 June 2023

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊 Japanese startup unveils plans to transport renewable electricity via ship

🌊 Seabed Innovation developing innovative system to ranch sea urchins in Norway

🌊 New study: Protecting large ocean areas doesn’t curb fishing catches

🌊 CO2 removal startup lands Boeing deal

🌊 Lloyd’s Register issues world’s first IECRE feasibility statement for tidal energy device. 

🌊 Almost as if they’re wild’ – Offshore aquaculture startup Forever Oceans is gaining confidence farming in deep water

🌊 At the port of L.A. a new project will harness energy from ocean waves

🌊 Why blue economy investments are not getting enough love

🌊 Mechanical sails? Batteries? Shippers forming ‘green corridors’ to fast-track cleaner technologies

🌊 Are Sea Cucumbers a Cleanup Solution to Fish Farm Pollution

🌊 Maersk opens supply chain innovation center

🌊 Tidal energy plant in China exceeds 5 years of continuous operation
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New Partner Alert – ONA

OCEANOVATION Partners with Ocean Comms Agency ONA

We’re incredibly excited to share that OCEANOVATION has partnered with ONA, an international creative agency passionate about promoting ocean conservation through innovative media projects.

This partnership is sure to make waves, as OCEANOVATION and ONA share a commitment to creating maximum impact through innovation and collaboration. Both of our teams are made up of international experts passionate about regenerating our ocean by connecting the right people and providing them with the insights they need to make a real difference.

While finance and B2B networking are central to the OCEANOVATION Festival, we also know the importance of creativity in thinking up new ways of communicating, sparking change for good, and igniting people’s inner innovator. 

In this way, ONA also leads the way, as they are all about storytelling for the oceans, combining strategic campaigns with creative content that inspires audiences to join global conservation movements. 

Just as OCEANOVATION acts as a platform to connect business leaders, incubators, investors, and entrepreneurs across various blue economy sectors, ONA aims to be of service to our seas by guiding innovative companies and non-profit groups in crafting their messaging for maximum reach and impact. 

ONA provides clients valuable guidance and resources to significantly increase their initiatives’ impact, whether promoting sustainable mangrove restoration that empowers local communities or developing innovative technologies that restore balance to our oceans. They also produce stunning ocean-inspired documentaries and interactive films, using the popular medium of video to grab audiences’ attention as a catalyst for change.

We are equally as passionate about knowledge exchange at OCEANOVATION. As part of this commitment to share best practices and learn from each other’s experience, we’re thrilled to host an incredible line-up of blue economy experts for a diverse program of talks. Sharing her expertise, ONA’s Co-founder and Managing Director, Laura Secorun, will moderate our How Can Blue Finance Enable Innovations and Drive A Sustainable Transition session hosted on 21 June.

Itching to learn everything you can from those who’ve been there and done that? Want to discover what it takes to thrive in the growing blue finance sector? Then don’t miss this unique opportunity to join the world’s leading ocean innovation professionals in The Hague. Secure your tickets here and follow us on social media for the latest updates. See you soon!

WEEKLY NEWS – 26 May 2023

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊 eFishery’s $108M Raise And Unicorn Status Proves Aquaculture Is Swimming Upstream

🌊 €12 million algae innovation project launched in Europe

🌊 Ocean Ventus Launches an End-to-End Solution for Floating Wind

🌊 Sustainable Sailing: Teams in The Ocean Race Competing to Win, and to Save the Planet

🌊 European Blue Economy report 2023: economic crisis takes a toll but doesn’t stop the growth

🌊 Sinai, an Ocean Tech Company raises 5 M€ to help maritime corporations reconcile business efficiency with ocean biodiversity

🌊 Drones and AI deployed in battle against marine debris

🌊 Future Returns: Impact Investing Firm Expands to the Oceans of Latin America and the Caribbean

🌊 First-Ever A.I. Algorithm Correctly Estimates Fish Stocks

🌊 DMEC launches innovation challenge for offshore test support.

🌊 CoastAware BuoyCam Enters Beta Testing. ​​​​​​​

🌊 Could this flying, diving drone one day help with ocean rescues

🌊 In the voyage to net-zero, which green shipping fuel will rule the seas

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New Partner Alert – Israeli National Centre of Blue Economy

Festival’s Latest Partner Driving Blue Tech Innovation in Israel

We’re excited to welcome on board our newest partner, the Israeli National Center of Blue Economy, an incubator hub driving Israel’s position as a leading technological entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The national center focuses on technological innovation and development, partnering with research institutes, industry, ports, and environmental and community bodies. The center also supports early stage start-ups in ocean tech, offering essential support and services to set them up for commercial success. This focus on innovation and collaboration makes the center the perfect partner for the OCEANOVATION Festival.

Established in 2022, the national center was created by Haifa Municipality as a way of sustainably managing maritime space in an effort to establish the urban area of Haifa as the capital of Blue Economy and Blue Tech innovation in Israel. Following the country’s adoption of a Blue Economy strategy in 2018, the national center was a vital next step in developing a long-term approach to the sustainable management of ocean resources.

As part of its efforts, the center integrates urban initiatives and development processes on Israel’s shores through the implementation of modern technology and strategic partnerships. Working across various sectors in the maritime field, including tourism, waste management, desalination, offshore energy, and carbon sequestration, the center is fast becoming an innovation and technology hub, positioning Israel at the forefront of blue tech while promoting technologies in line with ESG indicators and SDG goals.

This forward-thinking approach aligns with our own mission at OCEANOVATION, where we believe modern processes and considerate collaborations are the key to turning the myriad challenges our oceans face into opportunities for positive solutions. Organizations like the Israeli National Center of Blue Economy are vital for creating a sustainable ecosystem that supports start-ups and businesses in accelerating such solutions. 

To achieve our goals, we know that it’s essential to share knowledge, collaborate on ideas, and bring together industry leaders as a catalyst for change. As such, we’re thrilled to have the national center’s Chief Executive, Hila Ehrenreich, share her thoughts and expertise in the “Ocean Renewable Energies” workshop. 

Hila will be joined by fellow industry experts to discuss the idea of why and where you should invest in ocean energy. Panelists will offer insights into the potential benefits of offshore renewable energy technologies, from wave and floating wind to energy storage and financing bodies. Also on the agenda are financing models, with participants discussing how the growth of offshore wind farm development can help to accelerate ocean restoration. 

Don’t miss your chance to hear from leaders in the world of ocean innovation like Hila. Join us for this thought-provoking workshop and find out what else is on the agenda here

See you in The Hague!

WEEKLY NEWS – 19 May 2023

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊 First-Ever A.I. Algorithm Correctly Estimates Fish Stocks

🌊 Start-ups see sustainable future in seaweed farming

🌊New Innovation Alliance Calls For Pragmatic Global Plastics Treaty

🌊 Diving Technology Brings Blue Economy Innovation from Ocean State to Desert

🌊 A better way to study ocean currents

🌊 Seabin to scale up mission to clean the world’s oceans

🌊The global push for a ‘blue economy’ is ignoring freshwater

🌊URB Unveils World’s Largest Ocean Restoration Project in Dubai

🌊 Ionada To Develop Onboard Carbon Capture System Under Norway’s Green Shipping Programme

🌊An overview of the EU’s ambitions for offshore renewable energy

🌊 North East start-up harnesses the healing powers of the sea

🌊How Tech Innovation Is Reshaping Aquaculture In India

🌊 Stride and Ocean Visions Building Ocean Sustainability World Project in Minecraft

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WEEKLY NEWS – 12 May 2023

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊 There’s a massive multi-billion dollar ecosystem just beneath the waves

🌊 Halifax ocean tech hub buoys firms tackling everything from climate change to defence

🌊 StartBlue: Second group of ocean tech entrepreneurs showcase start-ups in UCSD accelerator program

🌊 This startup aims to decarbonize ocean shipping by ‘converting ammonia to power

🌊 100-Ton Carbon Removal System To Be Installed At The Port Of Los Angeles

🌊 Embracing sustainability through control technology

🌊 Equinox Ocean Turbines embarks on €3.3 million fundraising campaign

🌊 This Company Produces Green Hydrogen from Wave Power

🌊 Rising Economy: Ocean Diagnostics

🌊 NZ aquaculture innovators explore their global potential. 

🌊 $100m fund to boost fisheries

🌊 Wave of opportunity: DOE $45 million funding announced for tidal energy advancement

🌊  Eyesea and Mapbox improve ocean pollution mapping capabilities

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New Partner Alert: Blue Marine Foundation

We are thrilled to share that the OCEANOVATION Festival has partnered with The Blue Marine Foundation, a leading organization dedicated to safeguarding and restoring the world’s oceans.

We believe this is a perfect match for each other’s goals and objectives. At OCEANOVATION, we believe that, when it comes to creating a sustainable future for the oceans, one action is worth a thousand words. And the Blue Marine Foundation is known for its practical approach, always striving to implement effective conservation measures, support scientific research, and collaborate with various stakeholders to promote marine conservation.

While private ingenuity and finance are core topics at OCEANOVATION Festival – we also know how important it is to understand and collaborate with public institutions, to make sure policies are enacted to promote sustainable action and ensure that these natural resources are managed by the communities that depend on them.

In this, the Blue Marine Foundation is also a pioneer as they are actively involved in the creation of marine reserves and protected areas. They collaborate with governments, local communities, and other stakeholders to establish marine protected areas that promote the conservation of marine biodiversity and habitats. In addition, they work with fishermen to promote responsible fishing practices and advocate for sustainable fishing practices that ensure the long-term viability of the industry.

We at OCEANOVATION also share the Blue Marine Foundation’s international approach. While based in the UK, the Blue Marine Foundation collaborates with local partners and stakeholders around the world, from Malta to the Philippines. And our festival in the Hague will also welcome attendees from dozens of different nationalities, willing to collaborate across silos and borders to protect marine biodiversity and habitats.

As part of our commitment to sharing best practices, directly from those who embody them, we are delighted to say that Maddie Millington-Drake, a Blue Carbon Researcher at the Blue Marine Foundation, will be participating in the Blue Carbon Workshop.

This panel, brought to us by Bright Tide, will feature a keynote address that will focus on financing blue carbon at scale, exploring promising approaches such as market-based mechanisms like carbon credits or payments for ecosystem services. Maddie will be sharing insights on how to invest in high-quality carbon projects and how investors can financially support blue carbon initiatives in exchange for carbon offsets or other environmental benefits. Her participation in this event will provide valuable insights into the conservation and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems globally.

Together with the Blue Marine Foundation, we hope to inspire action and encourage individuals to take steps towards revitalizing the ocean.

Want to be in a room and discuss strategies with the leading minds in ocean innovation? Book your tickets today.

WEEKLY NEWS – 5 May 2023

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊 2 biotech startups are 3D Printing ‘Fish’ to give the ocean a rest

🌊 Startup Ocean Armour is giving single-use plastic a second Life

🌊 Wind can catalyse shipping’s green transition

🌊 New Start-up develops aquafarms for macroalgae

🌊 Take care before enlisting the oceans in the climate fight.

🌊 Ocean 14 Capital becomes official partner of OCEANOVATION Festival

🌊 UK-backed nature funding initiative opens call for ocean-based projects

🌊  Wavr design 3-D printed wave-energy collector

🌊 Local farms adopting eco-friendly techniques to boost fish production

🌊  IoT Use Cases in Ocean Conservation

🌊 A dream team for ocean carbon capture? 

🌊 NOAA, Proteus Ocean Group to explore uses of ground-breaking underwater lab

 And finally:

🎪 Join us at our very own OCEANOVATION Festival, a first-of-its-kind event, designed to bring the ocean innovation ecosystem together and shape the sustainable future of the blue economy. For more information visit www.oceanovation.live 🎪

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