WEEKLY NEWS – 26 August 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊UNDP launches second cohort of Ocean Innovators

🌊Floating solar start-up goes after seed money

🌊5 innovators adding value to plastic waste and improving working conditions

🌊OTN Receives Funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation

🌊Port of Aberdeen and Stillstrom to collaborate on pioneering cleantech

🌊This Startup Is Enhancing the Ocean’s Ability to Store Carbon, Reversing Acidification

🌊Traditional fishing and aquaculture: competitive business in harmony with nature

🌊Matter: Developing Big Solutions to Microplastics

🌊How to Reverse the Ocean-Climate Crisis

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WEEKLY NEWS – 19 August 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊An Israeli startup developed AirTags that work at the heart of the ocean (and raises 10 million series A)

🌊A New Detection System Could Save Sperm Whales From Ship Strikes

🌊Aqua-Spark and chemicals giant partner to invest in seaweed firm

🌊Meet Aquanaut: A new deep sea diving robot from NASA

🌊Kiwi startup detects up to 100 ‘dark vessels’ during Pacific fishery surveillance

🌊Ocean 14: bringing global capital to the sustainable blue economy

🌊This spine-like wave energy generator claims to beat fossil fuels on price

🌊Hooked Foods in €10M Series A Round to Realise Expansion Plans for 2023

🌊New materials and manufacturing processes as stepping stone for marine energy commercialization

🌊Biotech start-up bags £2.3 million to commercialise circular economy platform

🌊’Living seawalls’ prove eco-engineering’s sea legs are strong

🌊Dutch seaweed farmers complete world’s first offshore mechanical harvest

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WEEKLY NEWS – 12 August 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊The 3-D imagery that could make fishing more sustainable

🌊Future LEDs could be made with fish scales

🌊Ocean Farming: Eco-Friendly Solution To World Hunger

🌊AI-equipped drones study dolphins on the edge of extinction

🌊Surfer scientists can catch waves and collect ocean data with the smartfin

🌊Blue Economy’ focus on sustainable marine development comes to Middle East

🌊Icelandic startup Loki Foods Unveils Sustainable Plant-Based Atlantic Cod Fillet

🌊A startup will use underwater drones to find treasures 33 feet beneath the seabed

🌊WPTO Announces Upcoming $10 Million Funding Opportunity to Advance Marine Energy Innovation

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WEEKLY NEWS – 05 August 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊Can These 6 Marine Tech Startups Help Solve The Many Issues Facing Our Oceans?

🌊Blowhole wave energy generator exceeds expectations in 12-month test

🌊Startup has high hopes for massive, mobile fish farm

🌊A startup that has developed a robotics-based system for minimizing waste in the fishing industry

🌊How the blue economy will shape the future of Canada’s oceans — and its coastal communities

🌊£7 million awarded for renewables and aquaculture co-location research

🌊Autonomous drone system could save lives at sea

🌊How AI is advancing the Middle East’s goal of sustainable fishing

🌊Alt-Seafood Investments Hit $178M in the First Six Months of 2022

🌊In a world-first, scientists create eco-friendly cement from algae

🌊Green maritime consortium to use blockchain in biofuels pilot

And finally a very interesting article…

🌊Climate change: why we can’t rely on regrowing coastal habitats to offset carbon emissions

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WEEKLY NEWS – 29th July 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊Ocean Farming Startup Sea6 Energy Adds BASF Venture Capital To Captable, Raises $4.2

🌊The seaweed startup world needs to slow down

🌊Cultivated seafood startup takes on most popular farmed fish in the world

🌊ENCORE releases courses to speed up innovation in marine energy

🌊Circulate Capital Achieves Third Close for Circulate Capital Ocean Fund I-B

🌊Biofuel-powered trial voyage results in 75% CO2 reduction

🌊Could Oban dye made using seaweed colour fashion’s future green

🌊Consortium wins EU grant to upscale seaweed production 

🌊US DOE awards $12M for marine energy and hydropower projects

🌊Smart Green Shipping announces £5m investment into FastRig wing sail technology.

🌊Robots discover 39 new species at the bottom of the ocean

And finally…..

🌊Why tech workers are quitting great jobs at companies like Google to fight climate change

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OCEANOVATION teams up with World Ocean Council.

Supporting Innovation for a Sustainable Future of our Ocean Together.

With great pleasure and excitement, we like to announce that OCEANOVATION has joined forces with the World Ocean Council (WOC). 

OCEANOVATION and the World Ocean Council are committed to helping start-ups connect with corporates and investors that have the eagerness and interest to support them in their growth and development.

From the start of our discussions, both organisations saw significant synergies of a collaborative approach in delivering our various projects. 

As a result, we are happy to announce that we will be hosting our first OCEANOVATION MEETUP SERIES x Barcelona on 20th of October, following the World Ocean Council’s annual Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS 2022 ) and Global Blue Finance Summit (BlueFin 22)  taking place from 17-19 October in Barcelona. 

We are firm believers in collaboration and see this partnership as the start of numerous touch points and engaging meetups in the run-up to our joint OCEANOVATION Festival next year on 21-22 June 2023 (New Dates). 

“We know the ocean is in trouble,” says Rick Wall, founder of OCEANOVATION. “However, many innovative companies and solutions today are contributing towards a sustainable future for our ocean. We want to support them on their journey to becoming successful, profitable, and impactful businesses. OCEANOVATION is committed to providing a fantastic platform for them to shine and grow. There is reason for optimism and partnering with the World Ocean Council is the perfect start to turning things around for our ocean”.

Our goal remains to provide innovative companies active in the ocean sectors opportunities to take their offering to the next level through learning, exposure, connections, collaborations, and funding. 

Rick Wall adds: “we invite innovators, investors, industry executives, government representatives, and academia worldwide to join our urgent quest in supporting a sustainable, global blue economy”.

WOC CEO Paul Holthus said, “We are thrilled to develop this partnership with OCEANOVATION. We will collaborate to focus and advance the efforts of entrepreneurs by linking them to ocean industries and the real business challenges and opportunities of sustainable development.”


Save the dates and join us at:

World Ocean Council Events: 

To learn more about our partner – the World Ocean Council, please visit: https://www.oceancouncil.org/


This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊Can solar energy power coral growth?

🌊Asia’s Cultivated Fish Company Avant Closes a $10.8 Million Series A.  

🌊Eight Technologies for drinkable SEAWATER. 

🌊Blue Ocean Barns nets $20M to cut cow burps.  

🌊Northern Dutch maritime industry becomes global player ‘green’ ships.

🌊Marine Energy Wales secures £450,000 funding from Welsh government. 

🌊New EU project brings IoT technology to aquaculture sector.  

🌊CREO Syndicate: Investors “sitting in the wings” waiting for aquaculture to break through. 

🌊Core Power unveils clean fuel solution for North Atlantic green shipping corridor. 

🌊And finally…. Nasa scientist and brother create music from the ocean’s colour data. 

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This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊1000 Ocean Startups Coalition launch ‘The Ocean Impact Navigator’; a new impact measurement framework for the Ocean Impact Innovation ecosystem. 

🌊The Aquatic Blue Food Coalition formally launches at the UN Ocean Conference. 

🌊New Jersey could become an ocean energy hub. 

🌊Braid Theory’s plan to foster the next generation of ocean tech startups. 

🌊Researchers use algae to create carbon-neutral cement. 

🌊Defending Marine Life: Sea Shepherd Goes From Vigilante to Scientist.  

🌊Financing the Blue Economy: Investments in Sustainable Blue Small–Medium Enterprises and Projects in Asia and the Pacific.  

🌊UN Ocean Conference: SDG 14 still ‘the most underfunded’. 

🌊Investing in ocean start-ups provides triple bottom-line returns.

🌊Sea-Changers launches Innovation Fund 2022. 

🌊With Benioff backing, Sustainable Ocean Alliance aims to be the rising tide that lifts all ‘ecopreneurs’. 

🌊Climentum backs startups with $157M to ‘accelerate Europe’s green transition’.

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