Oceanovation, 20 October 2022, Barcelona, Spain

Advisory Board Members

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Harry Wright

CEO and Founder, Bright Tide, UK

Susanne Wedin-Schildt

Founding Partner, Ocean Community Challenge, Portugal

Judith Underwood

CEO & Co-founder, , BLUE Institute Labs

Thor Sigfusson PhD

Founder, Iceland Ocean Cluster, Iceland

Jan Hendrik Schretlen

Kwartiermaker, Campus@Sea, Netherlands

Peter Scheijgrond

Director, Bluespring & Chairman , Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA), Netherlands

Phil Plumley

Mentor, Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge, Switzerland

Birgit M. Liodden

Founder & CEO, The Ocean Opportunity Lab (Tool), Norway

Steffen Knodt

Head of Sustainable Ocean Business Centre, Fraunhofer IGD, Germany

Daniel Kleinman

Founder & CEO, Seaworthy Collective, USA

Paul Holtus

CEO, World Ocean Council, USA

Steven Hermans

Founder, Phyconomy, Belgium

Helene Frontin

Investor/ sustainability advisor, Australia

Ignasi Ferrer Pellicer

Executive President, Seastainable Ventures, Spain

Chris Aurand

Open Innovation Leader, Thai Union Group PCL, THAI UNION GROUP PCL., Thailand