To create a healthy and resilient ocean for future generations

We know the ocean is in trouble. It’s all that we seem to hear, read or talk about. Now is the time to turn all that negativity into positive energy and actions. There are countless innovative companies with solutions that could contribute towards a healthy and sustainable ocean. Our aim is to bring those innovators together in a unique and exciting ecosystem, take their business to the next level, and make a true impact.

OCEANOVATION aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable, innovative solutions from the Atlantic to the Pacific and every sea in between, and protect our ocean for future generations. Because with the power of knowledge, connections, partnerships, investments and business opportunities, we can create real – and profitable – change.


To support ocean innovators and accelerate innovative solutions for a sustainable ocean economy


Each day we ask ourselves: “How can I make a difference today?”

It could be as simple as connecting two people or we might focus on the more significant challenges regarding our planet.

We believe that knowledge, creativity, collaboration and action can transform people, companies and industries to positively impact society and the environment. Our purpose is to inform, inspire and connect people and businesses who want to make a difference today for a better world tomorrow.

We do this through virtual and in-person Events, Media, Consultancy and Partnerships.