uWare Robotics

Stand: Ocean Renewable Energy, Green Shipping, Ocean Conservation, Green Ports, Blue Deep Tech


uWare is taking the aerial drone revolution underwater to protect our oceans and secure our future.

uWare Robotics is a European startup specialising in Robotics and AI solutions to gather, process and analyse underwater data in a more cost-effective, easy-to-use and safer manner.

We currently use our highly mobile AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) to collect your underwater data and then provide services to deliver you the required results from 2D and 3D maps to automated visual analysis. Our technology is particularly relevant for the management of, and operation in coastal zones, which contain ecosystems such as Seagrass Meadows and Coral Reefs. All of which are vital to the health of our planet and the Blue Economy.

To set the standard for underwater monitoring and inspection, we are working in collaboration with research institutes and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). We will soon be offering our services to other sectors that operate within the Blue Economy, such as Blue Carbon, Mariculture, Waste Management and Clean Energy operations.

Our current services:

– Underwater data collection and processing

– Consultancy regarding underwater robotics and data processing

Future services:

– AUV sales

– Cloud-based automated data processing and analysis

Founder/s: Sayri Arteaga Michaux, Meidi Garcia and Christophe Chatillon

Year founded: 2018

Funding type: Seed

Seeking: Investment,Trail/ Pilot Site/ Partner,Customers,Mentorship / Expert Advice,Grant / Funding

Location: Brussels



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