Stand: Sustainable Fishing,Ocean Conservation,Green Ports,Blue Circularity


SOSmarin is a marine conservation initiative that promotes sustainable practices and raises awareness about the importance of preserving marine biodiversity. We have developed a space management system that helps in protecting fisheries and the environment. Our system ensures that every inch of space on the ship is utilized efficiently, minimizing the waste generated during the shipping process. Our company’s mission is to cater to the needs of ship owners and recycling companies. We believe that these two industries play a vital role in protecting the environment and conserving marine life. Our focus is to provide them with a space management system that ensures responsible and sustainable use of resources.

Founder/s: Rihab Zarhoune

Year founded: 2021

Funding type: No funding up

Seeking: Investment,Customers,Mentorship / Expert Advice,Grant / Funding

Location: Morocco



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