I-AM Innovation Centre BV

Stand: Aquaculture, Blue Deep Tech


Emerging from its predecessor established in 2016, I-AM Innovation Center B.V. has matured into a respected participant in the ocean and water sectors. We’ve been successful in fostering fruitful partnerships with a multitude of enterprises ranging from small startups to established companies. Over the years, we’ve honed our expertise in automation and autonomous operations in aquatic environments, helping these organizations innovate and evolve.

In 2022, a significant milestone was reached as we unveiled our own products and services. These offerings marked our transition from solely a technology provider to a solutions provider. Our most prominent service introduced in 2023 targets water quality improvement, designed to mitigate the prevalence of blue-green algae in freshwater bodies and restore overall water quality.

Recognizing the increasing demand for seaweed, driven by its diverse applications ranging from food and cosmetics to industrial materials, we’ve been actively engaged in the development of technology to support the burgeoning seaweed cultivation industry. This engagement aligns with the broader trend of smart farming, where the goal is to make agriculture more efficient, sustainable, and less labor-intensive through the application of advanced technologies.

Currently, our focus is on the ‘UTOPIA’ project, an ambitious initiative aimed at transforming offshore farming. By developing a framework that supports autonomous vessels and smart sensors, we offer seaweed farmers a new level of inspection accessibility and data integration. Our technology allows more frequent and diverse weather condition inspections, without the need for crewed offshore visits, while also incorporating various information sources into a comprehensive, user-friendly framework. This innovative approach is set to redefine smart farming on water.

Founder/sDaniel Escobar & Dennis Kooijman

Year founded: 2021

Funding type: Grant

Seeking: Investment,Trail/ Pilot Site/ Partner,Grant / Funding

Location: Netherlands



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