Finsulate BV

Stand: Ocean Renewable Energy, Green Shipping, Ocean Conservation, Green Ports, Blue Circularity


Ships around the world use toxic paints to prevent the growth of mussels, barnacles and algae on the hull. These toxic paints dissolve in the oceans, annually spreading 100 million liters of biocides and microplastics.
Finsulate has developed a non-polluting alternative and is marketing this product internationally in yachting, commercial marine and offshore wind markets. Based on biomimicry, we apply a self adhesive film with a skin of fibers. The product does not dissolve and lasts at least 10 years which is unrivalled in the industry.

Founder/sRik Breur

Year founded: 2017

Funding type: Series A

Seeking: Investment,Customers,Grant / Funding

Location: Netherlands



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