Stand: Ocean Conservation, Aquaculture, Green Ports, Blue Circularity


Coastruction produces complex concrete artificial reefs using unique in-house 3D printing technology and natural-only materials with a sustainable and circular process.
Coral reefs are under enormous pressure. 50% of coral reefs worldwide are already dead and >90% of coral reefs will likely die by 2030. Our mission is to face this challenge, restoring reef systems and protecting coastlines thanks to our 3D printing powder bed technology which combines innovative tech and natural materials to create revitalizing free-form complex reef structures. We want to allow our technology to be deployable in remote locations inspiring people to achieve a sustainable relationship with marine ecosystems, using local materials and help marine communities to restore the reef and all marine life thanks to the multipurpose structures created with our 3D printer. The condition of the reefs simply demands an immediate action and Coastruction is one of the most reliable, biologically effective and innovative solution to it.

Founder/sNadia Fani

Year founded: 2021

Funding type: Grant

Seeking: Investment,Trail/ Pilot Site/ Partner,Customers,Grant / Funding

Location: Netherlands



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