Stand: Ocean Conservation, Green Ports, Blue Bioeconomy, Blue Circularity


CLEAR RIVERS is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2014, CLEAR RIVERS addresses the issue of worldwide plastic pollution. Our mission is to significantly reduce the amount of plastic that enters our oceans by retrieving it before it reaches the open waters. For this purpose, we have designed Litter Traps made of recycled plastics that can easily be transported and implemented in different rivers. Our Litter Traps passively collect waste, using wind and water currents. Additionally, CLEAR RIVERS works to raise awareness of plastic pollution amongst students and local communities and to recycle the retrieved plastics into new and durable products.

Founder/sRamon Knoester

Year founded: 2014

Funding type: Grant

Seeking: Investment,Trail/ Pilot Site/ Partner,Grant / Funding

Location: Netherlands



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