Blue Ocean Gear

Stand: Aquaculture, Sustainable Fishing, Ocean Conservation, Blue Circularity


Blue Ocean Gear is a Silicon Valley-based start-up tackling the problems of gear loss and ocean data collection with an immediately actionable and commercial solution: sensor-rich tracking buoys. Our rugged, depth-rated Smart Buoy technology allows fishers and aquaculture farmers in the even the most remote locations to track and monitor data from their gear anytime and anywhere, dramatically enhancing operational efficiency on the water and generating significant cost savings in the form of reduced fuel costs and recovered gear. Our universal hardware/software solution reflects a close partnership with a global customer base across a range of fisheries from lobster pots to longlines to shellfish farms and allows data access through multiple user interfaces both on and off the water. We are backed by a leading group of Blue Economy investors including Good Growth Capital, Builders Vision and Conservation International Ventures and have grant-funded partnerships with a variety of government agencies, research institutes and foundations including NOAA, the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Schmidt Marine Technology Partners and the Ocean Conservancy.

Founder/s: Kortney Opshaug, Peter Macy & Kevin Johnson

Year founded: 2019

Funding type: Series A

Seeking: Investment,Customers,Grant / Funding

Location: California, United States



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