New Partner Alert: Iceland Ocean Cluster

OCEANOVATION Festival Partners with Iceland Ocean Cluster for 2023 Edition

As part of our efforts to provide a platform for collaboration, we’re incredibly excited to announce our partnership with the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC), a cluster network for companies across Iceland’s ocean value chain.

This is a truly fitting partnership as OCEANOVATION and IOC share so many values when it comes to fostering collaboration and creating networking opportunities that lead to sustainable innovation.

While crafting a global ecosystem is a key theme at the OCEANOVATION Festival, we also know how vital regional and national initiatives are for grassroots movements. Such initiatives ensure local solutions can be implemented to create maximum impact for communities and businesses that rely on ocean ecosystems and resources in their area.

In this way, IOC is a pioneer, taking a cluster approach to create value for business and knowledge leaders in local marine industries. Since 2012, the group has been committed to strengthening the relationship between entrepreneurs and business leaders. Since those early days, IOC’s network has grown from 12 companies to over 70 of varying sizes and types representing different sectors and services in Iceland’s ocean industry, from fisheries and cosmetics to seafood biotech, research, and consulting.

Like us, IOC believes in the power of community and cross-collaboration. Operating out of its dedicated hub, known as the Ocean Cluster (OC) House, IOC businesses and entrepreneurs have been carefully chosen to represent a breadth of skills and knowledge, but with a common thread: the ocean. Meanwhile, companies outside of the OC House form an extended network that means the group can expand its reach to a greater number of start-ups.

Through this network, members have access to varying resources, including product designers, social media specialists, and marine biologists. More importantly, members are able to build relationships with other business leaders and innovators. This approach is highly beneficial for sharing knowledge, exchanging new ideas, testing solutions, and forging partnerships.

This commitment to match-making is a passion we share at OCEANOVATION, where we provide unique opportunities for ocean innovators, investors, and enthusiasts to connect with, learn from, and be inspired by each other, regardless of their sector or experience. 

As part of this commitment, we’re thrilled to welcome over 80 speakers from around the world who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, ideas, and experiences with fellow blue sector professionals. Representing various sectors, from ocean technology and renewable energy to tourism and finance, these pioneers will take a deep dive into a wealth of topics that offer insight into historical trends and future growth opportunities.
Want to learn from the best in blue business? Are you ready to scale up your start-up? Eager to meet like-minded professionals willing to invest in sustainable solutions? Grab your OCEANOVATION ticket today and join over 350 global ocean innovation experts and enthusiasts as we work toward one goal: protecting our oceans for future generations. See you in The Hague!