New Partner Alert: Sustainable Ocean Alliance

We are thrilled to announce that the OCEANOVATION Festival has partnered with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA), a network of next-generation leaders, mentors, advocates, and partners working towards one common goal: creating lasting solutions for the ocean’s biggest challenges.

We know this is a brilliant match for each other’s vision, as the OCEANOVATION team believes that, when it comes to generating ideas that will protect our oceans, we must forge alliances that allow us to work towards a common goal. SOA is known for doing just that, developing leaders, cultivating ideas, and accelerating solutions for positive change through its vast network of industry experts and enthusiasts. 

Innovative solutions and meaningful support for entrepreneurs are crucial themes at OCEANOVATION Festival. We know how vital it is to empower the younger generation, learn from forward-thinking innovators, and share knowledge with each other as we all work to turn our mutual vision for a healthy ocean into a reality.

In this way, SOA is also a leader, implementing developing solutions and empowering youth to embark on a movement to restore the health of the ocean. They conduct various programs, including the Ocean Leadership Program, which provides funding, mentorship, and capacity-building resources for international leaders taking action to improve ocean health. Meanwhile, the Ocean Solutions Accelerator program, launched in 2023, offers a unique ecosystem to propel 45 world-leading ocean tech start-ups, providing long-term support, lifetime funding, and access to critical resources. In addition, SOA’s grants initiative supports youth-led grassroots projects across the globe. By offering financial aid and mentorships to project leaders, SOA takes a collaborative approach in empowering solutionists to address key ocean challenges. 

This collaborative approach is one that we at OCEANOVATION also believe in. SOA’s expansive networks comprises over 6,000 Ocean Leaders in 165 countries, 45 ocean start-ups, 220 grants, and 250 mentors. Our festival in the Hague will likewise welcome hundreds of ocean leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts from around the world. But ultimately, we are all working towards 1 thing: the protection of our ocean.

The inaugural OCEANOVATION Festival offers those in the industry an unparalleled opportunity to connect with fellow start-ups, seek investment opportunities, discover valuable resources, and gain unique insight into the future of the blue economy landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired. Secure your tickets today.