New Partner Alert – Israeli National Centre of Blue Economy

Festival’s Latest Partner Driving Blue Tech Innovation in Israel

We’re excited to welcome on board our newest partner, the Israeli National Center of Blue Economy, an incubator hub driving Israel’s position as a leading technological entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The national center focuses on technological innovation and development, partnering with research institutes, industry, ports, and environmental and community bodies. The center also supports early stage start-ups in ocean tech, offering essential support and services to set them up for commercial success. This focus on innovation and collaboration makes the center the perfect partner for the OCEANOVATION Festival.

Established in 2022, the national center was created by Haifa Municipality as a way of sustainably managing maritime space in an effort to establish the urban area of Haifa as the capital of Blue Economy and Blue Tech innovation in Israel. Following the country’s adoption of a Blue Economy strategy in 2018, the national center was a vital next step in developing a long-term approach to the sustainable management of ocean resources.

As part of its efforts, the center integrates urban initiatives and development processes on Israel’s shores through the implementation of modern technology and strategic partnerships. Working across various sectors in the maritime field, including tourism, waste management, desalination, offshore energy, and carbon sequestration, the center is fast becoming an innovation and technology hub, positioning Israel at the forefront of blue tech while promoting technologies in line with ESG indicators and SDG goals.

This forward-thinking approach aligns with our own mission at OCEANOVATION, where we believe modern processes and considerate collaborations are the key to turning the myriad challenges our oceans face into opportunities for positive solutions. Organizations like the Israeli National Center of Blue Economy are vital for creating a sustainable ecosystem that supports start-ups and businesses in accelerating such solutions. 

To achieve our goals, we know that it’s essential to share knowledge, collaborate on ideas, and bring together industry leaders as a catalyst for change. As such, we’re thrilled to have the national center’s Chief Executive, Hila Ehrenreich, share her thoughts and expertise in the “Ocean Renewable Energies” workshop. 

Hila will be joined by fellow industry experts to discuss the idea of why and where you should invest in ocean energy. Panelists will offer insights into the potential benefits of offshore renewable energy technologies, from wave and floating wind to energy storage and financing bodies. Also on the agenda are financing models, with participants discussing how the growth of offshore wind farm development can help to accelerate ocean restoration. 

Don’t miss your chance to hear from leaders in the world of ocean innovation like Hila. Join us for this thought-provoking workshop and find out what else is on the agenda here

See you in The Hague!