New Partner Alert: Blue Marine Foundation

We are thrilled to share that the OCEANOVATION Festival has partnered with The Blue Marine Foundation, a leading organization dedicated to safeguarding and restoring the world’s oceans.

We believe this is a perfect match for each other’s goals and objectives. At OCEANOVATION, we believe that, when it comes to creating a sustainable future for the oceans, one action is worth a thousand words. And the Blue Marine Foundation is known for its practical approach, always striving to implement effective conservation measures, support scientific research, and collaborate with various stakeholders to promote marine conservation.

While private ingenuity and finance are core topics at OCEANOVATION Festival – we also know how important it is to understand and collaborate with public institutions, to make sure policies are enacted to promote sustainable action and ensure that these natural resources are managed by the communities that depend on them.

In this, the Blue Marine Foundation is also a pioneer as they are actively involved in the creation of marine reserves and protected areas. They collaborate with governments, local communities, and other stakeholders to establish marine protected areas that promote the conservation of marine biodiversity and habitats. In addition, they work with fishermen to promote responsible fishing practices and advocate for sustainable fishing practices that ensure the long-term viability of the industry.

We at OCEANOVATION also share the Blue Marine Foundation’s international approach. While based in the UK, the Blue Marine Foundation collaborates with local partners and stakeholders around the world, from Malta to the Philippines. And our festival in the Hague will also welcome attendees from dozens of different nationalities, willing to collaborate across silos and borders to protect marine biodiversity and habitats.

As part of our commitment to sharing best practices, directly from those who embody them, we are delighted to say that Maddie Millington-Drake, a Blue Carbon Researcher at the Blue Marine Foundation, will be participating in the Blue Carbon Workshop.

This panel, brought to us by Bright Tide, will feature a keynote address that will focus on financing blue carbon at scale, exploring promising approaches such as market-based mechanisms like carbon credits or payments for ecosystem services. Maddie will be sharing insights on how to invest in high-quality carbon projects and how investors can financially support blue carbon initiatives in exchange for carbon offsets or other environmental benefits. Her participation in this event will provide valuable insights into the conservation and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems globally.

Together with the Blue Marine Foundation, we hope to inspire action and encourage individuals to take steps towards revitalizing the ocean.

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