We believe that Investing in the ocean is not only good for the environment but also good for business. This is why we could not more excited to announce that we have Ocean 14 Capital on board as our partner for our upcoming OCEANOVATION Festival.

As the blue economy continues to grow, funds like Ocean 14 Capital Fund I are leading the way in showing investors how to make a difference while earning a profit. And we share a deep belief in the importance of channeling investor capital to protect our natural commons.

With this partnership, we aim to bridge the knowledge gaps and translate between investors, startups, and public officials, so we can expedite innovation and scale up solutions.

As an official partner of OCEANOVATION Festival, Ocean 14 Capital will play a crucial role in providing attendees with the know-how and mindset shifts needed to make a positive impact on the environment while creating economic opportunities for investors.

Would you like to learn more directly from Ocean 14 Capital team? Well, you’re in luck! Chris Gorell Barnes, Founding Partner – Ocean 14 Capital, will be with us at the Hague, to participate in two of our panels.

The first is  “Why Investing in the Ocean is Good Business.” During this engaging session, you will learn how investing in the ocean can truly benefit not just nature and biodiversity but also the businesses’ bottom line – providing jobs and long economic benefits for local communities.

Thes second workshop is titled “How to Successfully Conciliate Profitability and Sustainable Development?” Chris will bring an invaluable perspective to the discussion, sharing his insights on building a business model that maximizes growth potential while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. He will also provide his candid take on how to avoid “blue washing” and instead create  a truly sustainable ocean economy that meets customer demand while aligning with core values.

Interested? Don’t have a ticket yet? Get yours here and see you in the Hague!

Together, we can create a more sustainable future for our oceans.