The World Ocean Council will be supporting the delivery of the upcoming OCEANOVATION Festival – 21-22 June, The Hague – by connecting their global network of blue economy leaders with tomorrow’s ocean innovators.

Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful industry. And partnerships are an essential aspect of innovation. This is why we are delighted to announce that the World Ocean Council (WOC) has come on board the OCEANOVATION ship.

WOC is the world’s largest blue economy leadership alliance dedicated to “Corporate Ocean Responsibility.” Created by and for the private sector, its constantly growing network includes more than 35,000 stakeholders from a wide range of ocean-based sectors from industry, investment and innovation.

The WOC relationship with OCEANOVATION has rapidly grown wider in reach and deeper in trust since beginning in 2022. At the heart of this partnership is a shared commitment to building a blue economy that provides long-term benefits for both people and planet.

WOC recognizes that innovation is essential for even the most established maritime operators to keep leading the way on the environment, climate and sustainability. So fostering genuine collaboration between established industry leaders and ambitious  entrepreneurs, promises great benefit to both sides.

In the words of Paul Holthus, WOC’s CEO, our collaboration is “an exciting opportunity to advance the efforts of entrepreneurs by linking them to ocean industries and the real business challenges and opportunities of sustainable development.”

We look forward to having Paul, as well as WOC Senior Advisor, Ignasi Ferrer Pellicer, joining us in person this June in the Hague. They will be meeting startups, trading insights with fellow experts and  leading several panels on how to provide the necessary innovation to drive change in the ocean sectors.

This partnership is not a mere exercise in posting logos on each other’s websites. Both OCEANOVATION and WOC see it as a significant step towards increasing the speed of innovation when we most need it. By working together, we will help startups fast track the development and testing of new environmentally-wise solutions, which is crucial in all ocean sectors – from shipping to aquaculture. Because business as usual is no longer an option.

Want to join us? Click here to explore the program.

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