WEEKLY NEWS – 31 March 2023

🌊 Investing to jumpstart the blue revolution.

🌊 Startup says the seaweed blobbing toward Florida has a silver lining.

🌊 Two Victoria companies receive funding for ocean projects .

🌊 Will robot surfers ever replace human surf instructors.

🌊 Ace Aquatec partnership begins developing ethical acoustic exclusion system.

🌊 Applications Now Open For Global Innovation Launchpad For New Zealand Aquaculture.  

🌊 β€˜It’s win-win’: how a dangerous sailing race could reveal the ocean’s secrets .

🌊 United States opens $2.3M competition for novel wave energy technologies.

🌊 Pulsing sound waves can help remove microplastics from ocean, study reveals.

🌊 US-Ireland R&D program awards €500K for collaborative wave energy project.

🌊 Robots are making waves under the ocean.

🌊 3 ocean sequestration technologies you should know .

🌊 Norway Takes a Step Forward in Offshore Wind.

🌊 AI-powered solutions can turn tide for once-futile fight against marine pollution.

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