WEEKLY NEWS – 17 March 2023

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊 SWEN closes ‘ocean health’ VC fund above target

🌊 Microsoft Taps Ocean Algae to Tackle Carbon Pollution, How? 

🌊 Trailblazing African Innovators Awarded £4 Million To Curb Plastic Pollution And Protect The Ocean

🌊 Wavepiston secures 130% of initial crowdfunding target

🌊 Hatch and NZTE promoting expansion of New Zealand’s innovations to global aquaculture markets

🌊 Future cargo ships could be powered by wind to fight climate change

🌊 Maritime app marketplace FrontM secures $1.5m investment

🌊 Meet the innovator working to develop the ocean energy sector. 

🌊 Are Deep Sea Fish Farms the Future of Aquaculture? Forever Oceans Thinks So

🌊 Using AI and 3D stereo cameras to support fisheries

🌊 In the Switch to Green Ship Fuels, What Comes First — Investment or Demand?

🌊 The potential risks of ocean-based climate intervention technologies on deep-sea ecosystems

🌊 Tom Ford Reveals 2023 Plastic Innovation Prize Winners.

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