WEEKLY NEWS – 10 March 2023

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊 Study finds 528 startups in the maritime and port industry. 

🌊 BlueInvest: new investor report features an ocean of investment opportunities in the sustainable blue economy. 

🌊 New material captures CO2 from air and stores in ocean as baking soda. 

🌊 Engie subsidiary develops new offshore floating PV tech for β€˜harsh marine conditions’.Β 

🌊 This Accelerator Is Creating New Pathways To Scaling Oceantech. 

🌊 Drugs from the deep: scientists explore ocean frontiers. 

🌊 Wave energy to play instrumental role in heavy industry decarbonization, study finds. 

🌊 Managing ocean sustainability from above: leveraging space capabilities to combat illegal fishing. 

🌊 Jersey Set to be Hydrogen Power Test Bed for Marine Industry. 

🌊 Minesto’s tidal energy kite reaches new heights in Faroe Islands.Β 

🌊 One of the biggest autonomous transportation tests is operating deep underwater. 

🌊 U.S.-based startup with plans to store carbon in deep oceans skips Canada for Iceland. 

🌊 Combining offshore wind and floating solar to reduce costs of green hydrogen. 

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