WEEKLY NEWS – 3 March 2023

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊 Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia Donates $25 Million to Ocean Cleanup Nonprofit

🌊 Ocean Oasis raises capital in a round led by Unconventional Ventures

🌊 The rise of AI in aquaculture

🌊 How blockchain technology can make fishing more sustainable

🌊 AspBAN – Transforming the EU Atlantic ports into blue economy hubs.

🌊 Marine tech firms secures investment

🌊 Yinson GreenTech Invests in Startup Specialising In Maritime Autonomous Solutions

🌊  Sustainable ships: The world’s most eco-conscious cruises

🌊 Making waves: Tech firm debuts ocean-based carbon removal protocol. 

🌊 Havkraft forms partnership to bring wave energy to Oman

🌊 Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation absorbs ocean startup accelerator

Have a Great Weekend!


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