WEEKLY NEWS – 6 January

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊How Li Ka-shing backed start-up Notpla plans to replace plastic with a sustainable seaweed alternative. 

🌊HD Hyundai Announces a New “Ocean Transformation” Vision. 

🌊Autonomous Underwater Glider to Eliminate Oceanic Trash.

🌊Dutch wave energy company attracts new investors. 

🌊How a Hong Kong startup is using 3D-printed tiles to help restore coral reefs. 

🌊South Korea’s SeaVantage receives $1.3M funding led by We Ventures. 

🌊Plainsight and MarineSitu Announce Collaboration to Propel a Sustainable Blue Economy Into The Future. 

🌊Specialised CSIRO cameras capture new species 4,000m under the ocean. 

🌊LA County using Dutch nonprofit’s device to keep trash out of the Pacific Ocean. 

🌊New open access database will better identify sources of plastic pollution. 

🌊First high-tech ammonia-ready Armada vessel arrives in Europe. 

 Have a Great Weekend!


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