WEEKLY NEWS – 9 September 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊Monaco backs London-based Ocean 14 Capital with €10 million to supercharge the blue economy

🌊The Tide Turns Toward Renewable Aquaculture Gear

🌊Yarmouth company sees big opportunities with innovative fishing net concept

🌊BlueInvest Africa: The European Union supports investments in Tanzania Blue economy companies

🌊New Startup Lithos Carbon Improves Enhanced Rock Weathering To Store More CO2.

🌊Could space-based technology be the key to ensuring sustainable fishing

🌊Green’ water treatment firm raises further £2.3m

🌊Finding New Drugs From the Deep Sea via ‘eDNA’. 

🌊Six Ghanaian Start-ups, SMEs selected to participate in EU BlueInvest Africa Event

🌊FoodTech start-up moves cell-cultured seafood closer to nature

🌊German startup Liefergrün lands €12 million to scale sustainable last mile shipping solution

🌊Wave Energy Converter Passes First Test

🌊Seaglider aims to deliver sustainable sea change

🌊Sigma Energy deploys full-scale wave energy prototype offshore Montenegro

🌊Green’ water treatment firm raises further £2.3m.

🌊And finally…. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is mostly fishing gear

Have a Great Weekend!


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