WEEKLY NEWS – 9 December 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊The Blue Technology Barometer 2022/23

🌊Ocean Exchange Presents 2022 Collegiate Award to BlueGreen Materials.

🌊VARD presents a zero-carbon range of renewable energy-driven vessels

🌊How surfing inspired me to create a company that keeps our oceans clean

🌊Spain adopts regulatory framework for €200M grant program for marine renewables

🌊The energy tech turning waves into drinking water

🌊Terradepth unveils absolute ocean marine data Platform

🌊Potential ocean solutions developed in real-world laboratories

🌊IIT Madras develops ‘Ocean Wave Energy Converter’ to generate electricity from sea waves

🌊7 opportunities to strengthen ocean-based action in climate strategies.

🌊The Ecosystem: start-ups look for greater coherence in EU algae strategy

🌊Maine start-up hopes trawler cams help save world’s dwindling fish stocks

🌊New project to explore augmented reality in shipping

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