WEEKLY NEWS – 4 November 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊Cultivated seafood startup Forsea attracts $5.2 million in investment

🌊ShipFinex Wins The Regional Startup World Cup Pitch Competition

🌊This Aquatic Robot Is Making a Meal Out of Marine Waste

🌊Katchi: How Sustainable Fishing Helps Both Fishers and the Ocean

🌊Is it possible to create an antifouling coating that’s coral-friendly

🌊Australia’s school-bus sized ‘smart’ underwater war-drones ‘will travel completely flooded‘. 

🌊UK ports launch data cluster to accelerate green smart port revolution

🌊Singapore sets sights on utility-scale floating hybrid renewable energy system

🌊Teck and Ocean Regenerative Collaborate to Use Seaweed to Grow Trees

🌊‘Simply decarbonizing’ isn’t enough: Third Nature targets $35M fund 

🌊Waveswing wave energy trials ‘exceed expectations

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