WEEKLY NEWS – 25 November 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊A wave-powered prototype device is aiming to produce drinking water from the ocean 

🌊This Start-up Turned 1 Million Pounds of Ocean Plastic Into a Highly Profitable Business

🌊From giant kites to foldable wings, here’s what container ships could look like by 2050 as companies race to decarbonize their supply chains

🌊UCSB’s ocean science laboratory is using artificial intelligence to prevent whale deaths

🌊Ocean Harvesting scores €2 million grant for wave energy device validation

🌊The US$2.5 trillion blue economy investment opportunity

🌊Marine biologists are optimising fishing practices in Europe

🌊Recreating plant-based scent profiles for salmon to “turn the tide” on damaging marine habitats

🌊BYU startup partners with flower growers to remove plastic from the ocean

🌊SoCalGas and Captura Begin Testing Innovative Direct Ocean Carbon Removal Technology

🌊Bateman’s Bay tech startup completes $1.45 million raise for ‘Google Maps of the ocean’ platform

🌊Making Sense of Big Ocean Data

🌊The Real-World Asset Tokenisation and It’s benefits for Maritime Economy

🌊New report examines the ecological impact of ammonia as a shipping fuel

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