WEEKLY NEWS – 23 December

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊Innomar Ocean Technology raises $4.2m

🌊Why It’s Time To Put Sustainable Fish On The Menu.  

🌊U.S.-French satellite launched to map almost all of the world’s oceans, lakes, rivers

🌊Waves4Power signs deal to develop wave energy parks offshore Indonesia.  

🌊Aquaconnect raises $15m to digitize India’s aquaculture supply chain for smallholder farmers.  

🌊A Molten Salt Reactor Makes the Amazing ‘Thor’ the Self-Sufficient Vessel of Tomorrow. 

🌊New Tech Frontiers for Ocean Gliders.  

🌊Wanted: A sea-change in climate finance for oceans.  

🌊Ocean Sun gets government grant to advance floating solar technology

🌊Technology Can Help Make Marine Protections More Effective

🌊The Top Eight Ocean Stories of 2022.  

🌊In world-1st scientists successfully freeze Great Barrier Reef coral.  

🌊Metabolic hack makes ocean algae more resilient to 21st century climate change

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