WEEKLY NEWS – 19 August 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊An Israeli startup developed AirTags that work at the heart of the ocean (and raises 10 million series A)

🌊A New Detection System Could Save Sperm Whales From Ship Strikes

🌊Aqua-Spark and chemicals giant partner to invest in seaweed firm

🌊Meet Aquanaut: A new deep sea diving robot from NASA

🌊Kiwi startup detects up to 100 ‘dark vessels’ during Pacific fishery surveillance

🌊Ocean 14: bringing global capital to the sustainable blue economy

🌊This spine-like wave energy generator claims to beat fossil fuels on price

🌊Hooked Foods in €10M Series A Round to Realise Expansion Plans for 2023

🌊New materials and manufacturing processes as stepping stone for marine energy commercialization

🌊Biotech start-up bags £2.3 million to commercialise circular economy platform

🌊’Living seawalls’ prove eco-engineering’s sea legs are strong

🌊Dutch seaweed farmers complete world’s first offshore mechanical harvest

Have a Great Weekend!


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