WEEKLY NEWS – 12 August 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊The 3-D imagery that could make fishing more sustainable

🌊Future LEDs could be made with fish scales

🌊Ocean Farming: Eco-Friendly Solution To World Hunger

🌊AI-equipped drones study dolphins on the edge of extinction

🌊Surfer scientists can catch waves and collect ocean data with the smartfin

🌊Blue Economy’ focus on sustainable marine development comes to Middle East

🌊Icelandic startup Loki Foods Unveils Sustainable Plant-Based Atlantic Cod Fillet

🌊A startup will use underwater drones to find treasures 33 feet beneath the seabed

🌊WPTO Announces Upcoming $10 Million Funding Opportunity to Advance Marine Energy Innovation

Have a Great Weekend!


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