WEEKLY NEWS – 05 August 2022

This week’s Ocean / Blue Economy Innovation Roundup:

🌊Can These 6 Marine Tech Startups Help Solve The Many Issues Facing Our Oceans?

🌊Blowhole wave energy generator exceeds expectations in 12-month test

🌊Startup has high hopes for massive, mobile fish farm

🌊A startup that has developed a robotics-based system for minimizing waste in the fishing industry

🌊How the blue economy will shape the future of Canada’s oceans — and its coastal communities

🌊£7 million awarded for renewables and aquaculture co-location research

🌊Autonomous drone system could save lives at sea

🌊How AI is advancing the Middle East’s goal of sustainable fishing

🌊Alt-Seafood Investments Hit $178M in the First Six Months of 2022

🌊In a world-first, scientists create eco-friendly cement from algae

🌊Green maritime consortium to use blockchain in biofuels pilot

And finally a very interesting article…

🌊Climate change: why we can’t rely on regrowing coastal habitats to offset carbon emissions

Have a Great Weekend!


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